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Company Statement

Students must pay the visa application fee to  the British High Commission or at the British  Embassy when they apply  for an Entry clearance or Leave to remain visa.  Students must have enough finance to study and live in the United Kingdom during their study period.

In the event of the visa application being refused the ADP Global UK Ltd has not responsible for any loss of the fee that student had paid to the British High Commission or to the British Embassy in their country.

The administration fee charged by the ADP Global UK Ltd has non refundable under any circumstances.

Students  must be responsible for all Academic certificates and Bank finance statements provided to the universities and colleges. In the event of student's Entry clearance or Leave to remain visa  being refused due to false documents provided UKVI, it is completely students responsibility to bare the  any loss (financial or any other) if it has caused. 

Further  the College or University have full rights that not to refund any course fee paid to them when Entry clearance or Leave to remain visa refused due to false documentations provided by the students to the UKVI.

I have completed the application form by myself and I have provided all true information according to my knowledge.
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